Take Action

DOTS mission is to nurture a truly irrepressible global justice movement.

And to do it without dollars or data.

We aim to create an alternate currency of trust, courage and imagination.

Here’s how to help:

Pack Chalk

Once you’ve got chalk the power is in your hands.

How might you use it?

Here are some simple ideas:

  • Demonstrations. Chalk reliably enlivens demonstrations. Pack chalk and share it when you get there. You’ll love seeing what others can do!
  • Fast Chalking. Carry a stick or two of chalk wherever you go. It only takes a moment to leave your ideas lying around. Whether it’s in your CBD, on your campus, or outside your house, use chalk to change the story.
  • Slow Chalking. Individually, or with friends, reclaim space with elaborate chalk creations at times and places meaningful to you. Slow chalking can be a phenomenal way to create space for conversation.


Talk! In an age of screens and machines, word-of-mouth is a revolutionary act.

Discuss DOTS central idea with those you know and love:

“DOTS has all the right qualities to serve as connective tissue, uniting all who strive for climate, gender, racial, social and economic justice, and for a world fit for children.



Sharing is half the task.

DOTS is truly novel. For novelty to take hold, people need to see it many times, from many trusted sources.

Help create the surround sound needed to get DOTS off the ground and into the ether.

Make the local, global.

Photograph chalk and chalking whenever you see it. Share what you see far and wide.

Oh, and send your friends to the source! Hit the share buttons below.

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Be Curious

DOTS is part of a wider ecology of chalk for change. Inspire and be inspired by checking out some of the coolest chalk stories around:

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