Viral Kombucha

DOTS is steeped in memes and metaphor.

Terms like ‘spread’, ‘evolution’, and ‘mutation’ describe how DOTS behaves in ‘the wild’.

But the virus metaphor has limits.

Viruses are considered harmful.

DOTS, on the other hand, does good. It is more potent probiotic than virulent virus. Organic kombucha rather than SARS-COV-2.

As ‘viral kombucha’, DOTS populates even the most hostile of biomes.

It outcompetes and displaces harmful overgrowths of neoliberalism in particular, and toxic ideologies in general, wherever and whenever it encounters them.

It does not prompt any immune response in healthy organisms.

As DOTS becomes more widespread in the community, it reproduces exponentially.

A virtuous circle kicks in. Those with the healthiest biomes enjoy an evolutionary advantage and thrive.

In time, DOTS should be passed from mother to child at birth.

And it will be protective.