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The dotZero symbol an ‘underground’ or ‘on-the-ground’ brand … Hearts and Minds The contest for hearts and minds is a contest of symbols. In this contest, we cannot concede the power of brands to predatory corporations or their advertising industry enablers. We need to create our own brands and imbue them with our own values […]


brandalism …

dots as ‘anti-brand’ ‘Brands’ are powerful. Corporations invest billions in creating and propagating an ocean of brands to assail our senses, overwhelm our imaginations and impose their values. Our task is to subvert the power of branding and bend it to democratic ends. As the most basic shape, void of any explicit content, the chalk […]

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Slow Chalking

Yearning by Doing Democracy On The Streets (DOTS) did not spring, fully formed, into being. There was a moment of epiphany, and since then it’s been a whole lot of learning by doing. The concept continues to evolve and resolve itself. Some of the most useful insights occur on the commons, particularly while ‘slow chalking’. […]


Viral Kombucha

DOTS is steeped in memes and metaphor. Terms like ‘spread’, ‘evolution’, and ‘mutation’ describe how DOTS behaves in ‘the wild’. But the virus metaphor has limits. Viruses are considered harmful. DOTS, on the other hand, does good. It is more potent probiotic than virulent virus. Organic kombucha rather than SARS-COV-2. As ‘viral kombucha’, DOTS populates […]